Nissan DeltaWing Le Mans 2012 #0

  • Nissan DeltaWing Le Mans 2012 by Takayuki Fukami

Item description

This kit is a built up model by professional handbuilt.

base kit : FD43001 DeltaWing #0 Le Mans 2012 by STUDIO27
version : Proportional model
body color : Semi-gloss Black


近年ル・マンのマシンがキット化されない中で、STUDIO27からは始めての1/43スケールのNissan Deltawingが発売されました。独特のマシンデザインで、カラーリングはシンプルな黒、そしてスポンサーは全て白と近年では珍しいシンプルなカラーリングのこのマシン。久々に1/43スケールを作るとなれば持って来いの1台でした。しかし、シンプルなマシンと言えど流石1/43スケール。四苦八苦の末やっと完成しました。

The machine of Le Mans is not released kit in recent years, but Nissan Deltawing of 1/43 scale for the first time has been released from STUDIO27. This machine is unique of design and simple coloring. I expected easy for me to build, but I was unrealizable.
I had been needed detail up of antenna, side of the seat and rear section.
Initially, I had planned to be finished put on a decal after painting, but the decal was so weak. I was required to paint coating on clear semi-gloss after put on a decal. I felt easy only black paint to body.