Gordini T15 Le Mans 1954 #30

  • Gordini T15 Le Mans 1954 by Takayuki Fukami

Item description

base kit : Gordini 2.5L Le Mans 1954 by Provence Moulage
version : proportional model
body color : Light Blue


Gordini T15のキットはシンプルで綺麗なボディラインに魅力を感じ購入したのですが、実は”Gordini”というメーカーの名前、歴史は全く知りませんでした。
このキットは今、実際にドライブしたAndré Guelfiの手にあります。

I purchased this kit because I felt the body line of Gordini T15 is beautiful, but I did not know about Gordini and their history.
I studied about them. I realised Gordini was a great manufacture with a history and technology. I finished to model this kit while feeling the pressure.
It was very hard to collect materials about Gordini T15, I built that referring to that later version of Gordini T15S. It is different from identification number of the front. It really is identification number of white color, but I used to black color of decal with a kit.
I had a hard time, it is light blue color of the body. I could not find approximate color, so I painted to kit with the myself color.
I am going to get opportunity modeling in the other version, because Gordini had many machines.
This kit is now in the hands of André Guelfi who actually drove.